About Holt Street Miracle Center

Holt Street Miracle Center is a Residential Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center that provides a family like setting for homeless veterans. Physically comprised of a 6 bed housing complex, administrative office, staffed kitchen, and laundry facilities, HSMC prepares residents for re-entry into mainstream society, by completion of a 90 to 120-day program that is administered by our staff of up to 12 professionals and non-professionals. Our treatment program includes a unique “total person” approach that utilizes many principles found in spiritually based 12-step recovery programs. The results of our project are the reduction of homelessness, suffering, and domestic violence in the Dayton Area. The HSMC works closely with the Veterans Administration and collaborates with 28 similar supportive services in the Dayton area including: Booth House, Combined Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services (CADAS), Crisis Care, Eastway Corporation, Mercy Manor, Nova House, Optimal Employment and Consulting, Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC), Samaritan Clinic, St. Vincent Hotel and DePaul, Daybreak, The Other Place, Wesley Center, YWCA Shelter and Housing Network, Red Cross Housing..